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Benefits Administration

FSA Administration Services:

Implementation and Plan Design

We create Internal Revenue and Department of Labor compliant legal documents tailored to the plan specifications.


We provide a comprehensive communication program to educate employees, generate employee interest in the plan and create positive atmosphere for the enrollment process.


Employees currently have two claims submission options – fax or mail. Reimbursements are sent directly to employees’ homes or by direct deposit.


Reimbursements are directly drawn off of the employer held account requiring no transfer funds. This approach reduces your in-house plan administration responsibilities. Check registers can be e-mailed on a weekly basis showing all reimbursement activity.

Compliance and Administration

Nondiscrimination Testing - To ensure the plan benefits all employees in a nondiscrimination manner, the IRS requires certain nondiscrimination tests to be performed on an annual basis. GLN Tax and Payroll coordinates these tests on your behalf based on information provided by you and current employee elections.

Form 5500 and Summary Annual Report- If required, we will coordinate a signature-ready Form 5500 at the end of each plan year. After your completion and return of a short questionnaire, we will provide a signature-ready form 5500 for you to file with the government.

Plan Document Maintenance- Your Plan Document and Summary Plan Description will always be in compliance. GLN Tax and Payroll will   prepare original or restated documents providing automatic updates to reflect IRS and DOL require changes.

  • Claims are adjudicated within 3-4 business days
  • No need to establish seperate plan accounts
  • Representatives deal directly with your employees
  • No employer prefunded account
  • Account Balances available online at
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