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CNN Money
This site provides up-to date financial news as well as stock quotes

Internal Revenue Service
The IRS website offer a lot of useful tax information.

Social Security Administration
Definitive information about benefits of the US Social Security system.

Information resource for taxes and tax planning. Includes a large dictionary of tax terms and tips.

How-TO Pay Your Federal Taxes

Where do I file my Individual Federal Income Tax?
Visit the IRS website below and click on your state of residence. Filing instructions will follow.

Can I pay my Federal Taxes by Credit Card?
Yes, you can pay your federal tax return by credit card. Check out the link (below) to the IRS website to get instructions on how to pay by credit card.

What if I can not pay my federal income taxes by the tax deadline?
The IRS can work payment plans with you. See the IRS website link below. Also, the IRS will charge penalties and interest. Keep in mind that the IRS may charge rates higher than your credit card.

What happens, if I make a federal tax payment and the funds are not drawn from my account?
You may call 1-800-829-1040 and ask an IRS representative if the payment has been credited to your account. If it has not, you may choose to place a stop-payment on the original check and reissue the payment.

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